Hangkook is a brand of Spanish origins developed in Spain and led by CEO and founder, David Labrada. Labrada is the leading manager in the product development area and R & D, and Miguel Loaisa, Director General, is head of the commercial area, marketing and brand expansion.

We are a brand of young, modern and very purist spirit, with over 5 years of wide experience in the electronics business. We are supported by our highly trained work team which makes Hangkook an innovative brand, concerned about the environment and the needs of its customers. Able to virtually fit any order, Hangkook stands for state-of-the-art technology.

Our R & D team, formed by top scientists and engineers, turns today’s ideas into tomorrow’s products. Our approach to engineering has set our philosophy on perceiving technology and electronics as key elements in our day-to-day lives, making this work team a reality today. Now we set the goal to expand our brand geographically and make it more widely known in the world’s leading capitals.

Hangkook factory

Hangkook, as a manufacturer, is known for assembling its own products with ultimate assembly quality control systems and achieving the best possible outcomes. Our R & D center of operations is located in Mérida (Venezuela) and Alicante (Spain) and our administrative headquarters are established in Madrid (Spain). From this tripartite synchronization structure, Hangkook comes into being.


To ensure maximum customer satisfaction, Hangkook pays careful attention to each detail in all of its products. Once the product is manufactured, its quality packaging is provided with a guarantee seal, so it is in optimum conditions to meet the expectations of our final costumer.


Hangkook, with an international presence in over 15 countries, acts as a benchmark in terms of quality and price, which makes us stand out in a very competitive market. Our day-to-day work, R & D and our willingness to grow enable us to increasingly win the confidence of our customers.

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HANGKOOK is Confidence

In cooperation with of one of the largest certification companies in Europe, TÜV SÜD, the purchase of every Hangkook product meets European high quality standards.


Quality Control

All Hangkook products are fully compliant with current legislation and rigorous quality assurance in both manufacturing and assembling processes, ensuring that a high level of customer satisfaction is always obtained. We evidence maximum levels of customer satisfaction due to our technically flawless products.
Hangkook’s quality control procedures (from designing in Barcelona through its assembly, and up until the customer receives our product) are very exhaustive.


Premium warranty

Thanks to the quality and reliability of all our devices, we can offer the consumer our Premium Warranty, which consists on personalized client care and home care assistance within a maximum period of 48 hours.